You wouldn’t know who Peeves was.
You wouldn’t know how the Weasley Twins made WWW coming from a poor family.
You wouldn’t know about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
You wouldn’t know much about the Marauders.
You wouldn’t know about Voldemort’s past.
You wouldn’t know the TRUE meaning of “Always.”
You wouldn’t know much about Neville’s past.
You wouldn’t know much about Remus and Nymphadora.
You wouldn’t know about Teddy.
You wouldn’t know or understand the struggle of Draco Malfoy.
You wouldn’t know what really went on at the Quidditch World Cup.
You wouldn’t know much about Snape’s past.
You wouldn’t know or understand the true depth of Harry’s relation with Sirius.
You wouldn’t know about Winky.
You wouldn’t know about Dobby and his sacrifices.
You wouldn’t know much about Horcrux’s.
You wouldn’t know about how the final Horcrux happened and how it was destroyed.
You wouldn’t know anything about Luna’s room.
You wouldn’t know about Dean in Shell Cottage.
You wouldn’t know that Harry repaired his own wand and returned the Elder Wand to its original place.
You wouldn’t know about the true importance of the Deathly Hallows.
You wouldn’t know about S.P.E.W.
You wouldn’t know about Harry, Ron and Hermione’s O.W.L grades.
You wouldn’t know that Dudley said to Harry: “I don’t think you’re a waste of space.”
You wouldn’t know who Snuffles is.
You wouldn’t know that Weasleys came to pick Harry from Dursleys for Quidditch World Cup.
You wouldn’t know how Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody died.
You wouldn’t know that the curse that chopped George’s ear off was actually Snape trying to cut another Death Eater’s wand.
You wouldn’t know the creatures Lupin introduced in third year, like the Grindylow.
You wouldn’t know what happened to Buckbeak.
You wouldn’t know that Draco and Tonks are cousins.
You wouldn’t know how to get to the kitchen.
You wouldn’t know that Stan Shumpike became a Death Eater.
You wouldn’t know about Sirius’ mum’s portrait.
You wouldn’t know how Remus became a werewolf.
You wouldn’t know about Victorie & Teddy.
You wouldn’t know Tonks’ parents.
You wouldn’t know Fred’s complete death.
You wouldn’t know Neville’s parents at St. Mungo’s.
You wouldn’t know about the apparating sessions.
You wouldn’t know how Firenze took place of Divination teacher for a while.
You wouldn’t know much about anything.

Films never live up to books :(

In case anyone was wondering, having a 2 hour long argument followed by 13 hour nightshift and 2 hour journey home, then taking your cat to be put to sleep really really doesn’t feel good. I’m so physically and emotionally drained but still, of course, I can’t sleep.

Depression is humiliating. It turns intelligent, kind people into zombies who can’t wash a dish or change their socks. It affects the ability to think clearly, to feel anything, to ascribe value to your children, your lifelong passions, your relative good fortune. It scoops out your normal healthy ability to cope with bad days and bad news, and replaces it with an unrecognizable sludge that finds no pleasure, no delight, no point in anything outside of bed. You alienate your friends because you can’t comport yourself socially, you risk your job because you can’t concentrate, you live in moderate squalor because you have no energy to stand up, let alone take out the garbage. You become pathetic and you know it. And you have no capacity to stop the downward plunge. You have no perspective, no emotional reserves, no faith that it will get better. So you feel guilty and ashamed of your inability to deal with life like a regular human, which exacerbates the depression and the isolation.
Depression is humiliating.
If you’ve never been depressed, thank your lucky stars and back off the folks who take a pill so they can make eye contact with the grocery store cashier. No one on earth would choose the nightmare of depression over an averagely turbulent normal life.
It’s not an incapacity to cope with day to day living in the modern world. It’s an incapacity to function. At all. If you and your loved ones have been spared, every blessing to you. If depression has taken root in you or your loved ones, every blessing to you, too.
Depression is humiliating.
No one chooses it. No one deserves it. It runs in families, it ruins families. You cannot imagine what it takes to feign normalcy, to show up to work, to make a dentist appointment, to pay bills, to walk your dog, to return library books on time, to keep enough toilet paper on hand, when you are exerting most of your capacity on trying not to kill yourself. Depression is real. Just because you’ve never had it doesn’t make it imaginary. Compassion is also real. And a depressed person may cling desperately to it until they are out of the woods and they may remember your compassion for the rest of their lives as a force greater than their depression. Have a heart. Judge not lest ye be judged.

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This is seriously the most accurate description of depression. Wow.

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